Woodland conservation charity The Woodland Trust and web-to-print platform developer Infigo Software have joined the paper advocacy group Two Sides.


The Woodland Trust has more than 500,000 members

The Woodland Trust has more than 500,000 members and supporters and over 1,000 sites.

“As the UK’s largest woodland conservation charity we produce a lot of printed literature. We feel it is very important that when we communicate with our supporters, we demonstrate that we are serious about where our paper comes from and that it is produced using sustainable and responsible forestry,” said print production manager Stuart Davis.

“By joining Two Sides, we can promote paper’s unique recyclable and renewable qualities and also help to dispel common environmental misconceptions that it has a negative impact on the environment.”

Infigo Software sales director Tony Lock added: “I joined Infigo Software four months ago and I felt it was very important that the organisation I work for supports Two Sides and Print Power.

“I think every aspect of the print industry should do its bit to try and rectify greenwash and the misrepresentations that go on about the use of print and paper and its environmental impacts.

“We all know we’re not a perfect industry but actually we are one of the most truly sustainable industries there is, so it was very important for [Infigo managing director] Douglas [Gibson] and myself to be a part of this ongoing campaign to make sure the public make well-informed choices.”

While a recent nationally representative survey of UK adults, conducted by Two Sides and international research agency Toluna, found paper and cardboard to be the most preferred packaging material for environmental-friendliness, recyclability and practicality, it also highlighted that consumers perceive paper and cardboard to cause forest loss and do not understand the industry’s high recycling rates.

Two Sides offers a wide range of resources to explain the sustainability and attractiveness of paper and cardboard packaging, including its website, newsletters, videos, infographics and the organisation’s new Facts booklet.


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