Fespa’s ‘Printeriors’ indoor décor showcase will expand its scope to include real life examples of outdoor applications in the 2019 show.


Printeriors became a ‘natural meeting point’ for visitors at Fespa 2018

Set to take place in Munich, Germany, on 14-17 May, Fespa 2019 will feature a similar tactile, interactive interior “lounge experience” as the new-look Printeriors which featured in Berlin last year.

In addition, external space at the entrance of Messe Munich will showcase printed items including signage, deck chairs and umbrella canopies. In total, both aspects of this year’s Printeriors will cover around 900sqm of floorspace, with the exterior aspect covering the majority at around 520sqm, according to Fespa head of events Duncan MacOwan.

“Last year, we brought a new approach to Printeriors by allowing people to actually engage and touch all the print effects in a living space that became a lounge experience,” he said.

“It became a natural meeting point for people at the show and we wanted to build on that this year. Practically-speaking, the introduction of exteriors comes because the indoor entrance space at Messe Munich is smaller than at Messe Berlin, but we were committed to Printeriors taking up just as much space if not more this year.

“We hope people will take away an understanding of décor in its broadest sense, seeing print applied onto a selection of the best materials. Businesses such as hotels and restaurants are increasingly putting together outdoor spaces, so this is a great market for our visitors to explore.”

Illustrator Jasper Goodall is working on a single brief from Fespa to put together the designs for the full space, which MacOwan said will give the experience a more “coherent” look than 2018, when six young designers all contributed to Printeriors’ look.

As part of the outdoor signage showcase, Fespa has partnered with Stonefield-based Swanline Paper and Board to make use of the manufacturer’s newly-introduced Cygnus Eco Board range – a green alternative to materials such as foam boards, foam PVC and PE-coated materials.

MacOwan said the furniture applications on display in the interior aspect will also include some “higher-end” applications as a way to develop on the 2018 concept.

Last week, Fespa said it would be nearly doubling the floorspace of its Print Make Wear fast fashion textile printing showcase for the upcoming show.


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