LT Print Group has taken on its second Horizon bookletmaker, an SPF-200L, in order to accommodate its growing digital offering.


Finishing supervisor Julie Hall with the new bookletmaker at LT headquarters

Delivered at the end of 2018 to the Wallasey-based operation, the new machine cost around £60,000 and will run alongside a Horizon SPF-200A bookletmaker to service increasing demand.

It was provided by Intelligent Finishing Systems (IFS), which has worked with LT over the years to supply a wide range of equipment.

Operations director Keith Goodridge said: “We like Horizon machines because they have so far done a decent job for us. Our capacity has grown over the past two years and the 200L does not take up as much space as some of its competitors, so it fits perfectly.

“Its A4 landscape capabilities allow us to do landscape booklets in-house for the first time and it gives us and our clients peace of mind that we can turn around jobs. They trust us to always give the best work and they are impressed when they visit our site that we have a lot of kit and it is well looked after. New kit helps, too.

“Another advantage with the 200L is that we will probably look to move up to a Stitchliner in the near future, and this machine can form part of it, so a key investment has already been made in this purchase.”

The Horizon SPF-200L can saddle stitch, top stitch and fold booklets up to 356x610mm in side, while also boasting side and corner stitching capabilities. It can run at speeds up to 4,000bph in A4 portrait and 3,500bph in landscape.

Moving forward, LT Print Group will seek to further invest in its digital services; Goodridge anticipates 25% growth in the wing over the coming year.

Currently turning over £2.8m, LT runs a technology portfolio incorporating sheetfed printers from Ricoh and Xerox, large-format kit from Roland DG and Canon, as well as a Foliant Taurus 530SF laminator and further finishing kit including foil blocking and embossing.

With 38 members of staff, its factory floorspace covers 1,858sqm alongside an office area and a further 1,394sqm of warehouse space.


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