Staff at Infigo Software have been working around the clock to restore services following an outage caused by a third-party provider.


Infigo Software: products include Catfish web-to-print solution

The firm’s web-to-print software is used by thousands of B2C and B2B webshops.

PrintWeek understands that the outage was caused by issues at one of Infigo’s hosting suppliers, which also affected a number of other companies using the same hosting provider.

“Our software and our product wasn’t broken, but parts of our service were affected,” explained managing director Douglas Gibson. “We’ve done everything possible over the past few days to make sure services are resumed.”

One customer told PrintWeek that their system went down on Monday evening, and came back online yesterday.

“We’ve been using it for years with no problems, but this has been a major critical failure. They have kept us informed the whole way, but it does make you realise how reliant we are on this type of technology. I hope Infigo can come out of it stronger,” he said.

Gibson said Infigo’s systems typically operated on 99.8% uptime: “There were different levels of outages and times when people couldn’t use the system. Some customers were affected more than others, and some not at all,” he stated.

“Of course we’re not happy about it, but our customers understand the challenges we face – they all having banking systems and telephones – this is the world we live in and it can happen to any tech company.”

Infigo chief operating officer Julie Minn said the firm’s first priority had been restoring services to customers, after which it would look to pinpoint exactly what was behind the outage.

“We have had a service interruption and are determining the cause. We’ve kept in contact with all our clients, we need to know precisely what caused it as much as our clients do,” she said.

Infigo Software is headquartered in Crawley and employs around 50 staff. It claims a market-leading position in web-to-print with its Catfish platform. 


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