Printers, suppliers and others in the industry around the world are getting involved with International Print Day today (17 October).


International Print Day aims to get print trending on Twitter

The annual global event aims to use social media to highlight the creativity, importance and power of print and paper – and to get both trending on Twitter and other social media platforms.

Organisers are calling on those involved in the industry to share their love of print and paper using the hashtag #IPD18. The International Print Day website includes a range of downloadable material including posters and logos that can be shared, posted and spread online.

The theme of this year’s event is collaboration. “We are all in this together and when we work together, share ideas and create projects and products together, we are all better for it – and so are the projects and products,” said International Print Day organisers.

Like anything through social, what you share should be dynamic, topical, relevant, and click to content that falls under that same criteria! Show funky projects, share blogs about case studies and other successes that include more than just you!

“Share pictures of cool print, share pictures of your company celebrating #IPD18! Share links to great digital media, and print that incorporates amazing marketing technologies! The more wow factor, the better! Imagine how many retweets are possible???”

Last year 5,137 tweets were delivered to 26,189,665 feeds from 977 contributors.

A raft of UK printers were already getting involved this morning, including Haywards Heath-based Danewood Press and Dorking-based Vincent Press.

Go Inspire Group, Park Communications, Zenith Print Group, Nettl, Tharstern, Hybrid Services, Reach Printing Services, Signmaster Systems, Denmaur Paper Media and the BPIF are among the other UK companies and organisations that have got involved so far.

BPIF chief executive Charles Jarrold said: “The theme for International Print Day this year is collaboration – great to have that as a theme, as it’s an approach that is central to our industry, between printers, designers, developers, marketeers, brands, publishers; the list goes on.

“We hope those in print will participate in this day, sharing their knowledge and experiences, and in return be inspired by others posts. A day that raises the visibility of print, the creativity, the innovation and the passion behind it is never a bad thing.”

Greg Selfe, country manager at pro-paper campaign group Two Sides UK, added: “International Print Day is a unique opportunity for the entire industry to share their knowledge and love of print.

“Two Sides, through its #LovePaper campaign, reaches 30 million in the UK every month with pro-print messages; but International Print Day allows us to concentrate these messages on social media to help get print trending.

“We encourage all of our members and the wider industry to get involved and start sharing. If you’re stuck for ideas, Two Sides has created loads of engaging #IPD18 materials ready to share on Twitter (bit.ly/twosides-ipd18).

International Print Day was invented by Deborah Corn of US trade group Print Media Centr.


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