Vale Labels has seen productivity jump following the installation of the UK’s first HP Indigo 6900.


Riches (r): “The 6900 increased our capacity overnight and it has given us the room to grow”

The 6900 is the Wellington-based label specialist’s fourth Indigo press. It installed its first, a WS2000 web press, in the early 2000s.

Vale said the new press has boosted its ability to handle short and mid-length jobs, for which it is seeing increasing demand. The firm has been familiarising itself with the new technology and opportunities the machine presents since installation earlier in the summer.

Chief executive John Riches said: “We were suffering before we installed the new Indigo as our volume of work was going up and we were having difficulty getting jobs out of the door.

“Our new Indigo 6900 increased our capacity overnight and, through the speed of the machine, it has given us the room to grow. We are running it as a full-colour printer and it also runs silver ink, which gives us more opportunities to support our customers.

“Now, we have more choice to expand our offering, we have fewer issues with quality and our output is generally more reliable and consistent. We have been working with HP in excess of 12 years because they have a great product to offer which they are always improving and developing, plus they are excellent with technical back-up.”

Unveiled in February, the HP Indigo 6900 digital press runs at a maximum speed of 40m/min and can print in standard four-colour, as well as supporting HP’s specialist inks including Indigo ElectroInk Silver, which Vale will make use of.

A fully digital house, Vale runs the 6900 at its 557sqm premises alongside another Indigo – a WS6800 – as well as AB Graphics machines for converting, heat foiling, embossing and varnishing. The family business employs 28 members of staff.

Vale is coming to the end of a “settling-down period”, according to Riches, in which it has familiarised itself with the new possibilities of the 6900 and is now ready to promote the machine to clients with an emphasis on the new possibilities offered by the silver ink.


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