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Fuji platemaking facility goes wind-powered

//Fuji platemaking facility goes wind-powered

Fuji platemaking facility goes wind-powered

Fujifilm has bolstered its eco credentials by making one of its production facilities 100% wind-powered.

Struik (left) and van der Linden find energy a breeze

The Tilburg platemaking facility in the Netherlands manufactures products including printing plates and has been partially powered by wind turbines for five years.

Fujifilm teamed up with Dutch energy supplier Eneco for the project: wind turbines that drive the plant’s manufacturing capability are based in nearby Zeeland.

The 100GWh of energy generated for the Fujifilm facility was enough to power 30,000 homes, said sustainable environment technologist for energy Jef Verboven.

“We made land available close to our plant and Eneco provided the wind turbine technology,” he said. “It produces 20% of our electricity and the rest is wind-power electricity purchased elsewhere.

“I proposed using wind power 14 years ago but at the time the case didn’t stack up, but I kept studying and eventually it became both economically and ecologically beneficial.”

Verboven did not know if this was the only site of its kind in the world but said the technology lowered the carbon footprint of plates.

Site director Peter Struik said: “We came to an agreement with our energy supplier to provide us with 100%-renewable energy.”

Eneco board member Marc van der Linden said: “Fujifilm is showing commendable courage and leadership in having taken this step.

“They are setting an excellent example to their industry and to other businesses in the surrounding area. Fujifilm recognises that economy and ecology have to go hand in hand.

“They have long demonstrated this in their products, and now they are doing so with their energy supply as well.”

Fujifilm and Eneco are also investigating the possibility of producing bio-mass steam on the Fujifilm site to further improve the plant’s renewable and green credentials.

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