Fenner Paper has launched a new paper made from agricultural waste, in a timely move to coincide with last week’s COP26 event.

The PaperWise range of paper and board is the brainchild of Dutchman Peter van Rosmalen, who has a background in the packaging industry and was inspired to look into alternative materials for papermaking by his six-year-old granddaughter. 

The firm’s motto is “Wise with waste”.

PaperWise is made in India and South America, after van Rosmalen found that European mills were “unfortunately not yet ready for this innovation”.

He said the manufacturing partners had to meet three key conditions: able to use agricultural waste as a raw material, consistently high quality of output, and a sound CSR policy.

Fenner Paper is now stocking PaperWise, which comes in a wide range from lightweight and copier papers, to packaging board and corrugated. It has a natural, slightly speckled shade and is unbleached.

There is a one side coated packaging board up to 465mic, and the material is also being used to make drinking cups.

PaperWise is made using agricultural waste, such as stems and leaves, using green energy. 

“This residual product is available in abundance every year. Residues that would otherwise be disposed of as waste are now given a new destination. It is a secondary raw material,” PaperWise stated. 

Fenner Paper marketing manager Justin Hobson commented: “PaperWise users give a second life to agricultural waste. In doing so they lower their ecological footprint, add value to waste, and prevent wastage”

He said that lifecycle analysis conducted by the University of Amsterdam (IVAM) has concluded that the environmental impact was 47% lower than FSC-paper made from trees, and 29% lower than recycled paper.

Van Rosmalen will join Fenner Paper at the London Packaging Innovations expo that takes place from 1-2 December to show the range.


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