Tradeprint’s departing business development manager, and former owner of Sense Creative, has launched a new digital flipbook production service for print companies.


Thompson hopes to “create a model to empower printers”

Tim Thompson has stepped down from his Tradeprint role as of Thursday 9 May and announced the launch of PrintingFlip, an online subscription service printers can use to convert print-ready PDFs into flipbooks that can be shared with clients.

Thompson has worked at Dundee-based Tradeprint since 2015, when his own business Sense Creative went into administration. The software systems used at Tradeprint during his time there inspired the germ of his new venture.

“I really owe a debt of gratitude to the folks at Tradeprint,” said Thompson. “When Sense Creative came unstuck, they were very gracious and offered me and my family a lifeline; I’ll never forget that. My four years with them have been a really steep learning curve – fun, challenging and a great insight into how a big beast operates.

“Now, I am looking to help printers and small businesses around the UK generate more leads and remove a little stress from their lives. If you are the printer on the block, doing helpful things like sharing flipbooks with each order will win the work over those companies who tread the same old tried-and-tested path of discounting and slashing prices.

“PrintingFlip is a few months off proper launch, but from the results I am seeing now, I know it will have an impact in lots of business owners’ lives around the world and I will likely create a model to empower [smaller] printers to offer the service to their local clients to build stronger relationships and make print sales easier.”

Available on two separate websites to both UK and worldwide signups at a subscription rate of £7.99/month, PrintingFlip is one of two new services launched by Thompson as he transitions out of Tradeprint.

Graphic design and marketing ordering model TradeGraphicDesign was launched at the same time and is available at a monthly rate of £49.

Both brands fall under the limited company Thompson Marketing, from which Thompson will run his future ventures.

Thompson currently conducts business as the sole employee with a “merry band of developers” helping out remotely.


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