Epple Druckfarben has taken a 40% stake in coatings and adhesives manufacturer Pulse Global Holdings, which comprises the Pulse Printing Products and Pulse Roll Label Products businesses.


Sheppard: “Opportunities for ongoing product innovation and development”

Epple, a German-based producer of offset printing inks and varnishes, has been working with Pulse since 2016, when it appointed the company as the exclusive UK distributor of its Epple ink range.

Completed on 5 October, Epple said the deal expands its variety of high-quality consumption materials and strengthens its position in the British market.

Pulse will also now become a contract manufacturer of Epple’s varnishes, handling the company’s coating requirements from its 5,100sqm manufacturing facility in Wick, Bristol.

Epple said this benefits its logistics and product range as its printing inks and coatings can now be shipped from Bristol to the international markets.

Epple Druckfarben chairman Gunther Gerlach said: “From the beginning this relationship is founded on a shared philosophy of providing high-quality products to the UK print market.

“Here we take another step forward by acquiring shares in Pulse. In the partnership we want to benefit from synergy effects, created through joint business activities and the exchange of know-how.”

Gerlach has joined both the Pulse Global Holdings and Pulse Printing Products boards but the Pulse management team remains unaltered.

Gary Sheppard, who remains the majority shareholder, chairman and managing director of Pulse Global Holdings, told PrintWeek: “It’s very much business as usual for Pulse, but within an enhanced group environment.

“Apart from the extra coatings volumes we are looking forward to developing a deeper penetration of Epple ink sales into the UK market.

“Both companies will continue the technical lead on their manufactured products, but feedback from the respective sales teams will always give opportunities for ongoing product innovation and development.

“Furthermore, as a result of this strategic partnership raw material purchases will be streamlined and we will be able to coordinate deep sea shipping of Epple’s inks and coatings, as we look to make the operational support as efficient as possible.”

While no rebranding activity will take place, Sheppard added the two businesses “may share marketing platforms where applicable in the future”.

Pulse, which exports to more than 40 countries worldwide, has 36 staff and turns over £11.5m.

Its product ranges include ISEGA-certified water-based coatings, standard water-based coatings, low-migration UV coatings for food packaging, screen coatings, and HUV coatings. It also manufactures a wide range of water-based, UV curable, hot-melt, and polyurethane adhesives.


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