Denny Bros has replaced an ageing Herzog+Heymann KL112 miniature folder with a newer version of the same machine alongside an MBO P46 pressing unit to revitalise its finishing setup.


The Herzog+Heymann KL112 runs at a maximum speed of 150m/min

The Bury St Edmunds operation took delivery of the new kit from Friedheim International in August at a cost of £120,000. Initially, the KL112 was installed with an in-built pressing unit, although Denny Bros later opted for a separate unit.

Friedheim recommended the P46, which was shortly brought onsite. The two machines typically run independently of one another, but the presser can be attached to the KL112.

“Our old KL112 was 10 years old, so it was getting worn and tired,” said finishing manager Tony Humphrey. “We had spent significant money trying to upgrade it, but it was really struggling to keep up the performance that we wanted.

“After speaking to the directors, we were given the go-ahead to invest in new kit and went to Friedheim, who are great at putting together specialist machines that are well-suited to our specifications.

“Generally, it is a more reliable machine while still fulfilling all the same jobs that we could do before. We have also gone from having six- and eight-plate to having six- and 10-plate which gives our customers more options on their commissions.”

The H+H KL112 has a maximum infeed width of 520mm and a minimum folding length of 18mm, running at a maximum speed of 150m/min. MBO’s P46 pressing unit has a working width of 460mm and a maximum infeed height of 900mm, running at a maximum speed of 180m/minute.

Denny Bros works a number of pharmaceutical and clinical jobs, including labelling and booklets, which require reliability and accuracy. Its technology portfolio also includes conventional and label presses, alongside a raft of MBO folders and finishing kit.

The firm currently employs around 50 members of staff.


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