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Split sets letterpress world record

[ad_1] Leeds-based design studio Split has set a new Guinness World Record for the world’s largest letterpress printing press. The People Powered Press has a print area measuring 1,450x940mm Housed in Split’s studio, The People Powered Press was measured for the record attempt last month by building surveyor Watts.The measurements were submitted to Guinness along [...]

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Landa ramps up, Edelmann CEO on “best decision”

[ad_1] Landa chief executive Yishai Amir said the firm will install its first W10 flexible packaging press early next year, and has revealed ambitions to achieve a rapid ramp-up in installations over the coming three years. Bruns: "The Landa technology really allows us to get a good ROI" Speaking at an open house event at [...]

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Adare SEC hits back in expat EU vote storm

[ad_1] Adare SEC has stood by its processes and the reputability of its international delivery network after seemingly being blamed for "thousands" of expats not being able to vote in the EU elections. Adare SEC said it uses "reputable international mail handlers" for its overseas delivery The BBC reported this morning that some local councils [...]

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65 Fresh WordPress Themes

[ad_1] Although many people are building and releasing WordPress themes, let`s admit, some not as good as others, very few of them know what makes a good WordPress theme. It`s all about design, functionality and versatility.Although design trends are changing each month, a well crafted wp theme must stand for at least a few [...]

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Fespa success for exhibitors in 2019

[ad_1] Fespa Global Expo 2019 has been hailed a resounding success by exhibitors, while final numbers are being calculated, more than 13,000 unique visitors came through the show's doors in the first two days alone. “Fespa is a show where people come to buy" While textile print took centre stage in the Print Make Wear and [...]

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How To Create Vintage Photo in Photoshop Tutorial

[ad_1] In this Photoshop tutorial we will learn how to create a vintage photo effect, using some really simple techniques.  We’re going to use image adjustments, adjustment layers and layer styles to apply the vintage effect on a regular photo. Sometimes a pictures would look very normal and boring, but when you apply the right vintage filters and make the right [...]

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Demand fuels Smurfit Kappa mill investment

[ad_1] Corrugated and paper-based packaging company Smurfit Kappa has completed a major upgrade to its flagship mill in the Netherlands in response to surging demand for paper-based alternatives to plastic packaging. Smurfit Kappa continues investment drive for sustainable packaging production The Roermond Paper Mill began improvements on its 5m-wide Paper Machine 1 (PM1) a couple of [...]

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Ex-Tradeprint man strikes out with digital flipbook service

[ad_1] Tradeprint’s departing business development manager, and former owner of Sense Creative, has launched a new digital flipbook production service for print companies. Thompson hopes to "create a model to empower printers" Tim Thompson has stepped down from his Tradeprint role as of Thursday 9 May and announced the launch of PrintingFlip, an online subscription [...]

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60 Colorful Web Designs Examples For Your Inspiration

[ad_1] In this round up we gathered a list of very impressive colorful web site design for your inspiration, i’m sure you will find something you will love. These websites will show you a good portion of all the good design that is available out there. It’s all about trying to think a bit outside [...]

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Heidelberg’s deal to buy MBO is blocked, growth outlook dampened

[ad_1] German antitrust authorities have stymied Heidelberg’s planned takeover of MBO, and the deal will not go ahead. MBO: takeover would have created a "dominant position" Heidelberg inked a deal to buy the Germany-headquartered finished equipment specialist, best known for folding machines, last October.The buy was expected to complete by the end of last [...]

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